Zinc Roofing


Natural or mill finish is matt silver in colour, which after several years tones down to matt grey, which becomes the materials protective layer and is known as Patina. Today zinc comes in many colours and shades of grey.


The lifespan of a Titanium Zinc roof can easily achieve 70 years when installed correctly.

Contact With Other Materials

Zinc can be used in close proximity to iron, steel, aluminium and lead without any risk of significant electrolytic corrosion. However zinc should never be allowed to come into contact with copper or any copper based alloy, nor should any water from a copper roof be allowed to drain onto a zinc roof as the rain water run-off will contain copper sulphates that will eat its way through the zinc.

Zinc is not affected when in contact with seasoned softwoods but must not be laid in direct contact with or rain water draining from ply, Oak or Western Red Cedar as these types of timber contain acids that can stain and sometimes corrode the zinc.

Physical Properties

Weight/m² 0.7mm thickness = 5.0Kg

0.8mm thickness = 5.8Kg

Melting Point - 418°C

Expansion Coefficient – 0.022mm/m/°C