Copper Roofing


Around the UK there are many old buildings that have copper roofs. Many of these buildings are in excess of 100 years old, thereby justifying the longevity of a copper roof.

The long life of a copper roof is improved by the fact that copper provides it’s self with a naturally formed protective layer called ‘Patina’, which is green in colour when it is fully formed.

A copper roof will also last almost as long as the building it protects, which in turn translates into lower life cycle costs.


One advantage of using copper as your chosen roofing material is the fact that it is extremely light in weight. 0.6mm copper sheet or coil weighs 5.4Kg/m².


Copper panels can be installed in lengths of up to 10m in length dependant on roof pitch.

Copper is also available in many different thicknesses and with ‘off the shelf ‘coil widths of up to 1 metre.


Maintenance costs to copper roofs are virtually nil due to copper not requiring cleaning or decoration, so therefore it is suited to areas which are difficult to access after completion of your building.


Copper roofs are architecturally appealing due to its ability to mould to any three dimensional form or shape and so by enhancing the appearance of the building.

Physical Properties

Weight/m² 0.6mm thickness = 5.4Kg.

0.7mm thickness = 6.2Kg.

Melting Point - 1083°c.

Periodic Symbol – Cu.

Thermal Expansion – 0.0168mm/m/°c.